Buys house; remodels instantly.

This week was spent:

Closing on our new home.

Saving a turtle

Cleaning up the yard

Killing a snake

Scraping popcorn ceilings.

How God made a way for me to be independent of my parents, educated, employed, healthy, married, a home-owner and aware of Jesus’ death for my sin, I do not currently know and may never know. It’s a good thing knowing how He did that is separate from how thankful I am that He did that. The why is where things get really interesting.


One thought on “Buys house; remodels instantly.

  1. Like the new house . . . the turtle is always cute. I forgot the name of that cowboy character in toy story. Can’t remember! The snake is huge and it is scary: be careful out there maybe there is another one hiding. Are you going to paint the ceiling?


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