A big event

You know when you go to big events.
…Fancy get-togethers or parties.
…A celebration or ceremony.

You know those slightly awkward moments in between the plans.
…Those fragile segways and hand-offs in between the planned items on the schedule.
…The transitions in between speakers and activities.

You know the pauses, doubts, and unplanned that inevitably occurs.
…When the sound guy quits paying attention.
…When someone has to move to another part of the stage.
…When something doesn’t flow seamlessly .
…When the crowd has nothing better to do but silently watch the situation get fixed by some poor soul.


Those won’t exist at Christ’s second coming.
Those won’t exist in the judgement.
Those won’t exist in eternity.
Because our Father is all-powerful.
Because our Father is perfect.
Because our Father knows every detail.
Because out Father is not in need of a backup plan.
Because we will be praising and cheering Him.
Because the final, biggest event will have begun.

I expect it will be swift, seamless, joyous, royal, magnificent, glorious, and perfect.

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